Christmas Grottoes Prop Rushmere Santa Snow House

A Life-Size Santa’s Snow House Grotto, commissioned for the highly successful Rushmere Shopping Centre in Craigavon, attraction opened for Christmas 2013. A truly magical experience for family shoppers with addition of welcoming lighting and festive sound. A detail carved igloo style construction with the simulated freezing temperature, really makes you feel that you are there on the North Pole with Santa and his helpers. Displayed in all its glory with crowd barriers at a safe distance, allowing the public close enough to see and photograph the splendour with their family and kids, perfect for their favourite social media sites. A delightful attraction from all angles, creating the perfect atmosphere for shoppers during the festive season. Included was a High Quality Resin Life- Size Santa Claus Model, to keep the attraction alive even when Santa himself is having a break or off site